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Eric Scharaga

Eric Scharaga is an expert in creating passive income through investment in residential and vacant land notes.

In his book, Lienlord, Eric shares his story of achieving financial independence and gives an introduction to the power of investing like a bank in owner-occupied mortgage loans. 

Eric Scharaga is the founder an investment firm that purchases residential mortgage loans as well as vacant land notes, and sells partial note investments at 10-12% yields.  


Before focusing full-time on mortgage loan investing, Eric worked for 23 years as a public high school teacher.  In 2001, he began investing in rental properties, with the dream of leaving his job to one day become a full-time real estate investor.  

Unfortunately, after thirteen years dealing with the constant stresses and unpredictability of landlording, he came to the realization that he would never achieve his goal of financial freedom through rental properties.  


He found the business of landlording even more volatile than the stock market, and developed a strong understanding that most investors should not invest in their own rental properties.  

In 2016, while still teaching, Eric transitioned to the more stable and passive cash flow of mortgage loan investing, which allowed him to leave his full-time job in 2019.

It was then that he discovered vacant land investing as an additional method of acquiring seller financed notes and launched a unique program to fund vacant land notes at closing. 


He has been involved in over 500 note transactions since 2017.  

Eric resides in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two children and is passionate about personal finance and financial freedom.  His goal is to continue introducing investors to the power of reliable investment yields.  He is the author of numerous special reports relating to high-yield income generation from alternative investments.  

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