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Why don't more investors consider mortgage loans as investments?

I don’t see any reason why, other than lack of knowledge. It makes sense to avoid investing in something you don’t know much about or don’t understand.


But here’s the interesting point: If you have or have ever had a mortgage, then you know enough about mortgage investing to create a solid knowledge foundation.


Hopefully, this book will round out that knowledge so you can determine whether mortgage loan investing is a suitable option for you.

Investors frequently look to real estate to provide fixed income solutions, many in retirement. What they learn, like I learned, is that rental property income is neither stable nor consistent.


What if I told you that you could benefit from a truly passive real estate investment without all the headaches and risks?


It’s difficult to sit on the sidelines, watching investors flounder when I know there’s a better way. After all, I’ve been there myself. As a landlord, I struggled, which is what drove me to become a lienlord.


This is my motivation for writing this book—to introduce more investors to the concept of becoming a lienlord by investing in secured mortgage loans.


Interested in a copy of Lienlord?

I'm confident that the book will provide valuable insight into the power of investing in American homeowners through mortgage note investment.

Lienlord by Eric Scharaga
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